About “Drupa”

About Caffè Drupa The Origin………

“Alb-Erk” company is one of the largest companies in Albania for trading unroasted coffee beans. Our journey has started more than 15 years ago, bringing in the Albanian market directly from the countries of origin, the highest coffee quality with characteristic taste and aroma.
Caffè Drupa was born as a need to put into practice the experience gained in all these years, where the techniques of blending green coffee beans, roasting, and extraction are combined, expressing all our experience in a cup of coffee.

Quality, taste, tradition

The processing line in our factory has very advanced technology. The automatic system helps to produce always the same product, ensuring quality, taste and aroma while respecting the tradition.
Roasting techniques help to form special aromas and flavors, thus creating the basis for the values ​​that extracted coffee will present in the cup. This is our philosophy, every cup of coffee is a taste, a tradition!

Drupa Caffè, every product an idea!

A stream of flavors and aromas in a cup. Each product has sensory characteristics peerless to any other coffee.
Each coffee has a combination of flavors and aromas inside. We at Drupa caffè, try to select the best of them and combine to create special coffees that stay long in the mind of the customer.