The selection of coffee beans is done on origin. Coffee selection helps to produce a good coffee in taste and aroma.
The modern technology applied in our factory delivers the coffee through several purification filters before going into other processes.


Coffee blending is an art in itself in the coffee industry as it serves to create the profile of a special coffee.
This process is carried out before the baking process, helping to create a unified product in taste and aroma.

Roasting process

The roasting process is the heart of coffee processing. During this process, a number of physical and chemical changes occur in the green coffee bean which helps to create aromas and tastes. They will be the identity of each blend. Our products are treated at a temperature of 190-220 degrees Celsius. Each blend has its own roasting profile helping to ensure the quality of the roasted coffee.


Maturation, the stage which determines the progress of the process and the quality of the coffee. During this phase the process of removing the gas created during the baking process takes place, and the aroma and taste improve. Each blend has its own maturation time, which is why we at Caffè Drupa have a very good traceability system, which helps us to control every stage of the process.


Packaging is the final stage of the process that will help preserve the aroma of coffee and will protect it from external factors that shorten the storage time. Triplex packaging helps preserve aromas, changes in temperature, humidity and protects roasted coffee from the effects of light.