Arabica Coffee

Arabica is a plant that originated in the mountains of Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula. Grows in high pasture climate, 600 to 2000 m, requires cold subtropical climate, high humidity rich soil, sun, and alternating shade. It also grows in the mountains of southwestern Ethiopia and southeastern Sudan, in Central and East Africa, in various regions of India, in Latin America. It is more delicate, but also with better quality from the organoleptic point of view with all its varieties: Moka, Bourbon, Catuai, Maragogype. It represents 3⁄4 of the world’s production. The “Moka” variety is the most popular. Arabian coffees have a large oval or elongated grain with dark green color, are sweet, quite dense, rich in aromas, and slightly acidic, with low caffeine content. It is exposed to harmful insect infestation, sensitive to low temperatures, and too careless handling. It is the most expensive coffee.